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Hydrate Well

One of the easiest ways to greatly improve your health and to start your day off right is by drinking a cup of Warm Water. Drinking plain boiled water (that has been cooled slightly) is an ancient Ayurvedic method for flushing the lymphatic system, softening hardened tissues, and dilating, cleansing and then hydrating deep tissues. It is extremely beneficial for your digestion as it will stimulate bowel function and flush out toxins. By removing those toxins in your body, you can halt premature aging! You can certainly add fresh lemon juice to make it even more detoxifying. Warm water will even help you lose weight, as it naturally increases body temperature, which then increases metabolic rate or metabolism. It flushes out those fat deposits that circulate in the body, which then in turn improves your blood circulation. Did you know that warm water can also calm your nervous system, relax the muscles of your body, stimulate your liver and kidneys, boost the immune system, alkalize your whole body and reduce phlegm? Continue to drink warm water throughout your day, especially in Winter!

Cold water (or any cold drink) hampers digestion.

If you drink cold water before, during or after a meal, the cold water will freeze the digestive enzymes and fluids in your G.I. tract, disabling your body from effectively digesting any substance. This has many implications on your body and can contribute to disease in any of the systems in your body. The next time you are at a restaurant, skip the ice water and ask for a cup of hot water with lemon instead!

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