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Wellness Programs

Feedback from previous sessions:

Beryl says . . .
"I very much enjoyed your online meditation classes. I especially found it helpful because of the pandemic. It does take ‘practice’ to calm the mind."

Ingrid says . . .
The meditation program is great! I found the meditations and practices very helpful.  Thank you also for including suggestions on where to go from here. I intend to maintain a Meditation practice and found your approach very motivating."

Angela says . . . 
"Thanks so much for hosting some wonderful meditation this week. From my heart, I’d like to say how much your voice is needed right now. You have so much to offer and your way of gently creating community is so authentic and frankly, liberating."

Janet says . . .
"Thank you Heather for the last meditation session. I could relate to everything we discussed and practised. And every email had such valuable tips and advice. I am going to go through them all again as they always seemed to give me exactly what I needed to hear or do."

 Contact me at or (204) 467-7949 for more info.

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