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Healing Sessions

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Why book a private session with me?

  • You get a session that is specially designed to meet YOUR needs.

    • You will be given appropriate information to help bring your body into a state of optimal health and balance.

    • We can focus on the teachings and practices that will support you the MOST right now.

  • You get 100% of my attention.

    • You can ask as many questions as you want.

    • We can take as much time as we need to address your concerns and to break down the poses or practices that YOU are excited about.

  • You don’t have to rush or squeeze a yoga class into your schedule.

    • We will pick an ideal day and time for your practice, so you can get the most out of it.

    • I will help, lovingly, to hold you accountable to your practice.

    • I can help you create safe, effective and enjoyable home practices to do between our sessions.

  • You get EXACTLY what you need. Today.

    • Your needs will be honored at every session.

    • Whatever kind of physical, spiritual or emotional practice you need to come into better balance, you will receive.

    • Being able to focus completely on you, I can use my intuition to create a session that meets you where you are on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

What Clients Say


Tamara says . . .

"After my first appointment with you, my hip pain and limp were drastically reduced. I could not believe it. My family could not believe it. I began sleeping better and walking better, and overall feeling so much better.  The opportunity to have one on one time with you to focus on breathing and stretches specific to my needs has been so educational and immeasurably beneficial.  Now, I spend as little as 5 minutes at a time, a couple times a day at home to practice deep centered breathing and stretches we have done together to relieve my hip pain when I begin to feel it. I have regained some mobility in my hip and I can relieve my hip pain without medication. My legs are feeling stronger than they have in over four years. I am excited to continue my wellness journey with you - but there is no question in my mind, if it were not for you and your passion to share your knowledge, I would still be limping around in pain. Thank you, Heather, for sharing what you love, for your encouragement, your excitement when I have a break through, and the knowledge that you so happily share. I really appreciate you."

Yoga at Home
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