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A Supportive Spring

Are you noticing a shift in your cravings as Winter gives way to Spring? The arrival of warmer weather often marks a decline in our desire for the heavy, substantive foods so essential during the winter months. You may notice an increasingly insistent preference for lighter fare. Your appetite may decrease and you may find yourself craving fruit, fresh vegetables, and salads galore.

This is your body’s way of telling you that it’s time for some spring-cleaning! Your body is preparing to break down and discharge what it no longer needs. A cleanse will maximize your body’s natural ability to get rid of excess fat and mucus in the spring.

If we don’t alter our diet and routines, perpetual slow digestion may lead to excess congestion and mucus, sinus and chest congestion, seasonal spring allergies, coughs, clammy skin, weight gain and lethargy.

Ayurveda's main principle is like increases like and opposites balance. Due to increased moisture, heaviness, cold lingering in our outer environment (damp and cold), we may also experience increased moisture in our inner environment, which means being prone to a lowered digestive fire, slower metabolism, your appetite might go down, and you may feel heavier and more tired than usual.

Proper food choices will boost our immunity, vitality and energy levels!

The key elements to a Supportive Spring diet is “Lightening Up” and “Stoking our Inner Fire”.

What to reduce in Spring:

It's time to begin reducing the type of foods that sustained and nourished us through the winter months!

For example:

· Reduce heavy, cold and oily foods such as dairy, red meats, sweets and wheat.

· Reduce sweet, salty and sour tastes.

This is the best time of year to limit your salt and sugar intake, as well as fatty foods.


· Try whole grain wraps instead of bread.

· Make a switch to lighter grains like rice and quinoa instead of pasta.

· Add more fresh greens and vegetables to your meals

· Eat lighter, leaner proteins like chicken, fish, egg whites, beans and lentils

· Instead of heavy hard cheeses – try cottage, feta or goat cheese

· To reduce unhealthy sweets with refined white sugar, try honey or maple syrup. Snack on raisins or craisins when you have a craving for sweets

· Stay away from fast and fried foods. Instead of chips, make popcorn

· Make more of your own meals to cut down on added salt and fat

· Limit processed, canned and packaged foods

· Avoid chilled and cold foods

· Favour warmer beverages like teas

· Make soup for lunch or dinner

· Try not to overeat or snack between meals

· Fast after 7:00 pm. One of the best ways to sleep better and lose weight too!

· Add more spices like ginger, black pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, cloves

Try A Power Foods Bowl for lunch or dinner!

Power Foods Bowl
Download PDF • 51KB

Other Spring Lifestyle Suggestions:


· A nap if you need it

· A sauna, steam room or Epsom salt bath

· A massage daily, either self-massage, or with therapist to help release impurities and calm your nervous system

· Restorative Yoga & Meditation

· Sipping warm water

· Spending time in nature

· Going to bed early, lying down an hour or two earlier than you are used to


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