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Completing the Cleanse

What a journey! I feel like celebrating! So what's better on a rainy Sunday afternoon than grooving to your favourite playlist on Spotify?!

This next week will be the rejuvenation phase or paschatkarma. I will be re-introducing all the nourishing foods from the pre-detox as well as a few new protein dishes (making paneer today). I also made homemade whole milk yogurt (always wanted to do that) and made coconut yogurt too. Both were very easy to make and I can't wait to taste them!

It is advised to continue with (at least part of) the routine as much as possible and to stay away from sugars, processed foods, alcohol, coffee, etc. I will continue with oil pulling, tongue scraping, the transdermals and the hydrating tea.

The yoga practices recommended for the rejuvenation period (as well for Fall) include flowing movements, more restorative poses, longer savasanas, and healing meditations.

I am feeling pretty good this afternoon...not compelled to "get things done" as quickly as I did before, just enjoying the day. Lily and I are also making bread. Good activity for a rainy windy day like today.

Will let you know how I am doing after the rejuvenation period is over. Feel free to comment below!

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