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The Official 3-Day Detox

As I write this I am on Day 2 of the official 3 day detox (Pradhankarma). Definitely the toughest part of the program, but so far not too bad. All the elimination channels should be well lubricated and ready to remove toxins from all the ghee and high soma food I ate through the pre-detox period.

Lots of rest is required, so I am living very simply, which is wonderful. Today I spent my morning at the park, hugging trees and sitting by the pond. Part of the toxin built up in the body is from EMF's (electromagnetic fields) , which are the invisible lines of force that emanate from any electrical or wireless device. One of the best ways for the body to release EMF's is to spend time in nature soaking up all the healing vibes mother earth provides us, such as hugging big trees (great EMF releasers), bathing in the moonlight, walking barefoot or lying down on the grass or on the sand.

This phase comes with new routines, which doesn't take as much time in the morning, instead of Abyhanga I am enjoying the Shodhana Bath in the evening.

Also with new recipes to try! My diet consists of soup for all three meals as well as an okra dish once a day. I am thankful for the chutneys to go with the soups as it makes them enjoyable to eat. There are two kinds, one Tamarind Prune and one Cilantro. I am one of the 10% of people who thinks that cilantro tastes like soap - yes look it up, it's true, you either love it or hate it right? But with the amount I am now eating, the flavour is actually growing on me. Cilantro is highly recommended as it eliminates heavy metals and lead detoxification from the blood. Also I am drinking melted ghee as it binds toxins and gets them out into the elimination channels.

Purnima suggests probiotics throughout the whole cleanse and at this phase instead of pill form we can drink Ayurveda Lassi (buttermilk) which she makes and shared with me. I may experiment with making it myself , you start by making yogurt with whole milk (non-homogenized) bought at Vita Health. So great to see the old way of exchanging the glass milk bottle!

So check in again soon, as I will share the results of this phase of the detox and as well how the post-detox phase goes. Any questions or comments be sure to post below.

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