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Why an Ayurvedic Cleanse?

Fall is officially here. As I look out at my window I am in awe. The colours are just so crisp and bright. Fall definitely feels like a time for releasing what we no longer need in preparation for (I daresay) winter. Nature is embracing it, we might as well too.

This week I was thrilled to meet Purnima Chaudhari and Carole Tetreault at a Wellness Fair. A little divine intervention must have been at play, as I had just started a Fall Ayuvedic cleanse like I did in the Spring. (self-lead through

As I write this, I am on Day 2 of the pre-detox phase (or Purvakarma) of Purnima and Carole's "Reset your body" Ayurvedic Fall Detox Program. From what I have received and seen so far, it's an excellent program. I am very impressed with the extent of knowledge and support. Today as I shared my excitement with a friend, she suggested "are you going to blog this"? So here we are. Warning to readers, it's my first please bear with me.

For those who haven't heard of Ayurveda yet, it is the medicine of Yoga, one of the world's oldest holistic systems of health and wellness from India (5000 years). Here's a link to learn more about Ayurveda.

So why a cleanse? Honestly I haven't been keen to try one until I starting delving deeper into Ayurveda this past Spring. From what I have learnt so far, I believe the approach is a very intelligent and safe way to detox. It makes perfect sense to do the seven days of pre-detox, at which time all the organs and channels are being properly prepared and lubricated so that when you get to the actual detox part the body is ready to safely eliminate all the toxins.

The following is an excerpt from

" Why is Detoxification Necessary?"

"Different types of toxins are constantly circulating in the body. They damage our physiology and create imbalances in the body. If these imbalances are not corrected, they become bigger problems and create disease and sickness. An imbalance is much more easier to fix than a disease. Therefore, a regular detox is a must. Ayurveda recommends some detoxification procedures that are to be done daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally. Spring and Fall are the best seasons for a detox program. In the winter months detoxification should be avoided as everything slows right down and freezes. Winter is a restoration period. It is very important to follow proper protocols for a detox. Avoid harsh and extreme detox programs and flushes. If proper preparation of the channels is skipped, the toxins cause more damage as they may burn or clog the channels. It compromises the intelligence of elimination channels and organs and takes a long time for the physiology to recover."

More to come on my experience with this journey... so stay tuned!

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