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Open, breathe, and deepen with support and ease.


This Cylindrical Bolster facilitates deep chest opening and back bending with it's 8" high diameter—the highest of our bolster lineup. The contoured, ergonomic shape fits perfectly under your knees while lying on your back providing relief for your lower back. Try it horizontally across the shoulder blades while on your back for an upper back extension. Alternatively, try vertical along the spine for deep chest opening and expansion. Find new depths in your posture and breath with one of our favourite bolster shapes.


When lying down, the ergonomic cylindrical shape allows you to drape your upper back horizontally over the bolster for supported upper back bends. You can also place the bolster vertically along the spine, allowing the shoulders and chest to gently open around it. For a more restorative option, lay on your back and place the bolster between the floor and the backs of your knees to find sweet relief and release in the lower spine. 


Truly a supportive companion for your self-care practice.


Specs: 8" x 8" x 24"


Cover: 100% Cotton, Casing: 100% Cotton, Filling: 96% Cotton 3% Polyester 1% Foam fill


Care: Remove cover from the bolster. Machine wash cover in cold water on the delicate cycle Hang to dry Do not bleach Lint Removal Tip: wipe bolster with a latex-gloved hand or a lint roller

Essential Cotton Cylindrical Bolster (Charcoal)

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