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Ayurvedic Spring Detox Program

You have the power to heal

Join us for this informational evening!  The creators of the "Reset Your Body" Ayurvedic Home Detox program, Purnima and Carole, will be available to answer any questions you may have!    Find out more specifics about the program here.

Why is Detoxification Necessary?

Different types of toxins are constantly circulating in the body.  They damage our physiology and create imbalances in the body.  If these imbalances are not corrected, they become bigger problems and create disease and sickness.

An imbalance is much more easier to fix than a disease.  Therefore, a regular detox is a must.  Spring and Fall are the best seasons for a detox program.  

It is very important to follow proper protocols for a detox and to avoid harsh and extreme detox programs and flushes.  If proper preparation of the channels is skipped, the toxins cause more damage as they may burn or clog the channels. It compromises the intelligence of elimination channels and organs and takes a long time for the physiology to recover.

Meet the Creators

Free Informational Night

Monday April 2nd 2018


Stonewall United Church



Purnima is passionate about sharing the teachings from Ayurveda for this has been her way of life; healing the body from the inside out. Purnima received training and certification in Ayurveda Therapy at Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care in Trivandrum, India.  She has continued to expand her knowledge of Ayurveda under the guidance of world renowned Ayurvedic practitioner Dr. (Vaidya) Mishra of the SVA (Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda) lineage. Purnima does Pulse assessments and recommends diet and lifestyle changes as well as treatments to bring back the balance. It is a very gentle yet thorough approach to heal the body. 



Meet your intuitive mentor, Carole Tetreault.  Carole has been dedicated to serving others through energetic healings, and teachings for the past 15 years. She discovered her abilities in her mid 20's when faced with having to heal her own dis-eases caused from her life's experiences.   Carole a Reiki Master & Yoga Instructor is certified in many holistic healing modalities including; reflexology, hot stone massage, holistic massage, indian head massage, marma, raindrop therapy, shamanic practices and intergrated energy therapy.

Feedback about the Program

"Taking the Spring Detox program from Purnima and Carole was a life-changing event. I was looking for some assistance in dealing with gastrointestinal upsets and in increasing my sense of well-being. The eating regime, exercises and supplements of the program, along with Purnima’s and Carole’s expertise, encouragement and gentle guidance, provided me with exactly what I needed. After completing the program, I definitely have a clearer understanding of how I need to eat, cook and relax in order to maintain my heightened sense of well-being.
Marjorie A.

What are you waiting for? Good health is within your reach!"

 Contact me at or (204) 467-7949 for more info.

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