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Yoga Classes Spring 2020

Update:  Start Date TBA for Spring Yoga, stay tuned!
Sign up for a 5, 10, 20 or 30 class pass,   which can be used for any of the Stonewall classes

Class Descriptions

Relax & Renew

Take time to nurture yourself!  A therapeutic practice to release stress and restore balance to body, mind and spirit.  As you relax and breathe deeply in restorative positions, you will heal your whole body.   Supportive props will be provided for optimally-aligned posture and ease during poses.  Guided relaxation will complete this blissful experience.  

Slow Flow

Nourish your whole body with flowing mindful movements done at your own pace, and reap the benefits of increased flexibility, mobility and vitality.  A gentle practice of breath work, yoga postures and guided relaxation.


Start your morning the best way!  Tune in to your whole body with conscious awareness, reduce your stress levels, and increase your patience, compassion and confidence.   Different meditation techniques will be discussed with approx 10-15 minutes of silent meditation to help settle you into a peaceful state.   Chairs will be offered.   

Sound Bath

Allow the sound of crystal singing bowls to wash over you.  Many people report feeling deeply relaxed after this immersion into the healing world of sound.  This deep state of relaxation is designed to promote a good night’s sleep.

All Levels

Everyone is welcome!  An inspired practice with focus on energy, breath, and alignment, leading you to a wonderful experience of yoga.   You're encouraged to flow at your own pace, with modifications of poses offered.    Just some of the mind-body benefits include increased flexibility, alignment, balance and strength as well as better focus, self-awareness and acceptance.  No previous experience needed.    


Contact me at or (204) 467-7949 for more info.

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