Pre-detox Routines to Reset your Body

September 25, 2017


I am now on Day 5 and settling into the flow of Pre-Detox or Purvakarma.   I am loving the self-care routines.  It feels great for this time of year and for this new season of my life.   My youngest has now started Kindergarten full-time (I have 3 kids aged 11, 7 and 5).  It's bittersweet, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be at home with them, but it is nice to have a little more "me" time.  


Before I began the program, I had a initial consultation with Purnima at her treatment facility where she did a pulse diagnosis.   (check out Purnima's website to see what therapies she offers)  When I am finished the program, she will do another diagnosis to compare.


I'll fill you in on some of the recommended daily routines of this pre-detox program.   

Oil pulling, tongue scraping, lots of warm water, Abhyanga, detox tea, Yoga, breathing, meditation,  and FOOD !!  A very specific diet full of vegetables, grains, lentils, beans, and the program includes shopping lists and wide range of recipes.  The program came with a kit of spices, ghee, triphala herb, detox tea, bath herbs, organic sesame oil, transdermal creams, etc.  Purnima makes the best ghee,  it really is amazing, I am tempted to eat it by the spoonful.  She also lovingly makes the Tri-dosha Masala that you sprinkle on everything.   I get to be a student to Carole's truly inspired yoga, pranayama and meditation videos. 


The support these ladies are providing is exceptional.   I can ask any question, anytime, and it gets answered.  There is also a facebook group for all the participants to share our questions and comments.


How am I feeling?  Tired.  The routine takes a couple of hours every morning so I am rising pretty early, not going to bed when I should.   A few emotional releases (who doesn't love a good cry when it's needed!?)  I also have a bit of a cold/sore throat which could be the cleanse,  maybe this rainy weather, everyone seems to be coming down with a little something.


Just received the info about the actual 3 day off to the supermarkets tomorrow to look for a few things (like tamarind?)  It's opening up a whole new world of flavours and ingredients for me.    I totally recommend Gill's market on Pembina,  WOW they were so helpful last week.  A kind lady who worked there helped me find all the items on my list.  (I am sure I looked pretty lost  asking for things I have no idea about like lauki, diakon radish, bitter melon?)  


More to come stay tuned.  Will let you know what Abhyanga is tomorrow. Am I glowing yet?!

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