Online Meditation Course


Contact me at or (204) 467-7949 for more info.

Meditation is scientifically proven to improve one's health, all aspects of it.   I'd like to offer you opportunities to gain focus, clarity and insight, to calm the mind, to heighten your awareness, and to delve deeper within yourself, perhaps to reveal a glimpse of who you truly are.    

What to expect from the program:

  • weekly guidance and suggestions in the form of emails and videos

  • learn different meditation techniques, discover which ones work well for you

  • tips and tools to help you develop a consistent practice

  • designed to be simple and enjoyable

Benefits of meditation:​

  • decrease stress and anxiety

  • enhanced mental clarity and improved focus

  • enjoy a peaceful state of mind

  • improve health in general

  • strengthen your immune system

  • increase your motivation

  • better sleep

Starts Monday November 16th, 2020

for 4 weeks

Investment: $30

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