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Fall into Wellness Program


Fall is the perfect season to slow down and take a look at your health and wellness.  In order to transition smoothly and keep your health on track, I have created a two week "Fall into Wellness" program.

This will be a great opportunity to renew a commitment to yourself and to make better choices to improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being.  You have the power to radically shift the way you feel! 

We'll keep it simple and get you focused to create sustainable enjoyable daily routines.  You will be supported to eat cleaner, move better, and sleep deeper.

November 7th - November 20th, 2021

Investment: $30

You can also etransfer to:

What to expect from the program:

- Access to recorded Yoga AM or PM classes: featuring either asana (poses), meditation, or pranayama (breathing)

- Prevention tips on how to boost your immunity during cold and flu season

- Recipes and best food choices for the season to detoxify and optimize digestion and organ function

Nurturing self-care practices to increase energy and promote healing

- Simple suggestions on how to eliminate toxins from your body and your home (ie a look at personal care and cleaning products)

- Daily motivation and support

- Optional private coaching session with me (30 min)

This program is ideal for anyone looking for simple and accessible, holistic ways to live a more authentic and balanced life. You’ll learn practices and tips to keep you feeling confident and happy. 

Benefits of joining this program:

  • increased energy and vitality

  • increased strength, flexibility & mobility

  • stress reduction and balanced nervous system 

  • enhanced mental clarity and improved focus

  • improved eating habits and possible weight loss

  • enhanced digestive and immune system

  • better sleep

"We should never underestimate the physical body,  there is a great power that lies latent inside there for you to discover and own.   Your body is a field of healing potential.   You deserve health.   You body is like the earth,  where seeds of health lie dormant patiently waiting for rain.  Your body simply waits for you to give it just a little bit of love and the invisible potential will actualize into blossoms of health.  So recognize the amazing regenerative power of your body, a power that exists in each and every cell.   Given the right nutrition and positive living conditions - the body will self-heal.    The choices that we make each and every day can both protect our health and restore it."   Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom - by Acharya Shunya 

Feedback from previous session:
Ingrid says ...
"Hi Heather. Thank you for the program. It has been very helpful for my well-being.  I have been focusing on self-care and found your suggestions enlightening and your guidance very helpful. I realized that I have made important changes in my life such as being more mindful when outdoors, and mostly my daily routines have incorporated positive changes. What was memorable for me was that I remembered to use the tools that I needed. The wellness challenge was what I expected and even more than I expected. "

Viv says ...

"Hello Heather,   As always you don’t disappoint. The course was what I expected.  Loved the recipes, the links for reading and meditation practices. All was very informative. I looked forward to each email every day.  Not going to lie, I will miss them.  Thank you again for sharing all the information, it’s always so helpful. I am trying to eat better and be more active, every day. "

Janet says . . .

"Just wanted to let you know I am enjoying all the information you are sending us. You have such a wealth of knowledge about health."

Set yourself up for a healthy, happy Fall & Winter!


Contact me at or (204) 467-7949 for more info.

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