Fall Cleanse

Unlock the potential to heal your body, prevent disease & achieve optimal health and vitality.  


Take the power in your own hands to heal your body.    Become more in tune with your body and your daily routines.   Understand how the simple choices we make on a daily basis affect the quality of our lives.    

In our fast-paced modern lifestyle -  in order to achieve balance of body, mind and spirit,  we need to take time to slow down, pause and reflect.   You deserve to take this time for you,   to rejuvenate,   to eat healing foods,   to meditate, to make time for self-care.  Healing is best done holistically,  paying equal attention to body, mind and spirit.      

Our body accumulates toxins year round,  through poor diet choices, stress, chemicals in food, water, medicines and personal care products, as well as environmental pollutions.  Main areas of toxin build up include the digestive system,  liver, kidneys,  lungs,  skin, and the lymphatic system.  As toxins in the body accumulate,  they place more and more stress on these organs of elimination.  After a cleanse, these organs can do their job much more efficiently.   It is much easier to fix an imbalance in the body before a disease sets in.    

It's amazing how great you feel after doing a cleanse.   And because you feel so good,  naturally you will want to integrate some of what you have learned,  into your daily life.  It enriches your whole life with sustainable self-care.   

Some of the benefits of doing a cleanse include: enhanced energy and vitality, stress reduction, balanced digestive system,  enhanced immune system,  better sleep,  balanced hormones,  weight loss,  increased zest for life, enhanced mental clarity and focus.

If you experience any of these symptoms, a cleanse might be what you need: 


Physically:   low energy,  skin issues,  allergies,  asthma, immune system issues,  frequent colds,  gut issues,  recurring headaches,  joint and body aches and pains, cravings for unhealthy food and drink,  constipation, bloating,  heavy and sluggish, weight gain, puffiness or dark circles under the eyes, foul body odour, rashes or acne.

Emotionally:  feeling on edge, stuck in a rut, restless, anxious, easily frustrated and irritated, mood swings 

Mentally:  lots of clutter in the mind,  negative self-talk, anxiety, depression,  brain fog,  spacey

Who are we?  Heather McDermid,  believes Yoga is the greatest gift,  and her passion for holistic wellness has led her to practice Ayurveda as well as Yoga as a lifestyle.  Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga, which translates to "knowledge of life",  a system of natural healing that has stood the test of time.   Heather believes the body is designed to heal from any situation when given the right support.   Stephanie Snadden,  is a Herbalist, studying under Master Herbalist, Chad Cornell.  She follows an integrative approach to plant medicine and holistic health.  Stephanie has a strong passion to help guide people toward their path of healing in a way that will fit their lifestyle, a passion for local plant medicine, whole foods nutrition, Ayurveda and Energetics.   Her focus is on bringing balance, working with the seasons, the cycles of earth, nature and the universe.

We've put together this program as a collaboration of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Western Herbalism.   "East meets West" to integrate the wholeness we've been needing for our lives.  It's practical, safe, and effective. 

How do you begin?  We'd like to work together with you to figure this out.  We're here to assess your situation,  to help you determine where your needs and goals are,   regarding all levels of your health. 

We understand that you may not be able to commit to a full cleanse at this time.   

We have two different options: 

1. A 5 - 7 day "Introduction to Cleansing"  or

2.  A 2 - 3 week "Full Cleanse"


If you decide this is right for you,  we will provide an initial consultation, to help you figure out what manageable steps you would like to take.   The program will be designed to meet your own needs.   As well we will be providing ongoing support throughout your cleanse.    Please contact Heather if you'd like to know more about the program. 

Prevent winter illnesses!  Set yourself up for a healthy, happy winter!

 Contact me at heathermcdermidyoga@gmail.com or (204) 467-7949 for more info.